DUI & Criminal Division

A concerned motorist called the police after observing a vehicle driving all over the road and almost striking a pedestrian. An officer subsequently located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. Upon stopping the driver, the officer noted the driver was having difficulty keeping his eyes open, his pupils were constricted and he was swaying front to back. The officer had the driver perform filed sobriety exercises. During portions of the field sobriety exercises, the driver was swaying, hopping, leaning and using his arms for balance. The officer arrested the driver for driving under the influence and requested that he provide a breath and urine sample. The driver submitted to a breath test but refused to provide a urine sample. The driver then retained The Ticket Clinic for legal representation. The lawyers of The Ticket Clinic sent a pre-filing letter to the Palm Beach State Attorney’s Office explaining the weaknesses of the case. The State Attorney’s Office agreed that the driver should not be charged with Driving Under the Influence. The case was ultimately resolved without any criminal conviction on the driver’s record.