On 9/13/2014, at approximately 2:51am, a Hillsborough county Deputy responded to a traffic crash at Bridgeport Dr. Upon arriving, the Deputy observed a white Ford Expedition which appeared to be totaled after making front to rear collision with a gray Mitsubishi. The Mitsubishi had been parked on the street curb and not occupied at the time of the crash. The Deputy then made contact with a white male who was driving the Ford. The Defendant was seen exiting the driver’s side door of the Ford immediately after the accident. As the Deputy spoke to the Defendant, he observed watery eyes with constricted pupils. The Defendant also had slurred, slow or delayed speech. The Deputy then requested the Defendant to perform field sobriety exercises. The Defendant explained that he suffered from chronic lower back pain for which he took medication. The exercises were then performed on a safe, well lit, flat portion of the roadway. During the exercises, the Defendant showed several clues of impairment. The Deputy then read the Defendant his Miranda rights, which he waived. Post-Miranda, the Defendant admitted to driving the car involved in the accident and having taken his prescribed medication earlier in the day. The Defendant claimed to have not had any alcohol to drink. After the interview, the Defendant was arrested for DUI. At the jail, the Defendant was examined by a DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) who determined the Defendant was most likely under the influence of oxycodone and xanex. The Defendant provided a breath sample of .000/.000 and was then requested to provide a urine sample. The Defendant complied and provided urine to determine if he was under the influence of a controlled substance. Results: The case was set for trial but before the trial date, the State dropped the DUI charge.