DUI & Criminal Division

A Florida Highway Patrol Trooper pulled our client over for speeding 77/45. Upon making contact with our client, the trooper claimed our client was confused, had difficulty following simple instructions, slurred his speech, had red eyes and smelled strongly of alcohol. The client was reported to have done poorly on the field sobriety exercises and refused the breathalyzer. The Firm brought the case to trial and was able to obtain receipts from a restaurant offering evidence of non-consumption of alcohol. Additionally the firm argued bias on behalf of the troopers on scene after the Firm viewed a portion of the video where one particular trooper aggressively lectured the client about placing a “thin blue line” sticker, which symbolizes fallen police officers, on his tag. Lastly, the Firm argued the exercises were actually completed well despite the client’s poor shoes, intimidating atmosphere and confusing instructions by the trooper. The jury found the Firm’s client NOT GUILTY.