On January 1, 2015, a Hillsborough County Deputy was traveling northbound on Balm River view Road. As he approached the intersection of Balm River view and Park Drive, he noticed a truck in front of him with a taillight out. He then followed the vehicle and saw it weave outside of his lane of travel. It crossed the yellow line twice and began to follow too closely to the vehicle in front of it. The Deputy iniistated a traffic stop and detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage and bloodshot eyes on the driver. A DUI investigator was then called to the scene. Upon the DUI investigator’s arrival, he observed the driver to have bloodshot eyes and have an odor of alcohol on his breath. The driver refused to perform field sobriety exercises and was then arrested for DUI. The driver then refused to provide a breath sample. Results: The firm filed a motion to suppress. Before the motion could be heard, the State dropped the DUI charge.