Our client is a Grandmother . She and her husband have been married for many years and are inseparable. On the day in question, her and her husband (to whom a disable parking permit is issued to) were driving in Florida south from visiting their son in Pittsburgh. They were on their way to Port St. Lucie to visit their daughter. After a brief stop in Port St. Lucie, they planned to drive back to Sarasota for a pending move they were going to make. In the area of Sebring, our client’s husband began to have chest pains, so they immediately drove to a local hospital there. It was determined that he had a blood clot in his lungs, apparently a very serious medical issue. The doctors determined he would need to stay in the hospital. Her daughter insisted on her driving to Port St. Lucie to stay with them while her husband was treated in the hospital. During her stay with her daughter, our client decided she would drive to the store to pick up a quilt as a gift to her daughter for the burden she felt she may be imposing on her. Our client was sick with worry about the health of her husband, the thought of burdening her daughter and the thought of having to potentially coordinate a stressful move by herself. Being that her mind was elsewhere, she parked in a handicap space, as she and her husband normally do. Her intent was not to pull a fast one, but she simply was following routine while her mind was stressed with worry. After The Ticket Clinic was hired, the Firm’s attorney was able convince the prosecutor to drop all charges.