DUI & Criminal Division

Orange County. Our client was involved in a traffic crash after leaving a local bar. During the crash investigation the officer observed the odor of alcohol, slurred speech, swaying, and that the client had a prior DUI. The officer requested that the client perform sobriety tests, the client politely refused. The officer arrested the client and charged him with DUI. The client was then requested to take a breath test – he refused. While the Ticket Clinic attorney was investigating the case it was discovered that the officer had turned off his body camera to have an “off the record” conversation with his supervisor. During that off the record conversation it was discovered that the supervisor suggested the officer not arrest our client. At the first court date the state offered enhanced penalties including 12 months of probation, interlock device (breath test machine) on his car, community service hours, and a $2000 fine. The Ticket Clinic attorney filed a motion to suppress evidence and set the matter for a hearing. The day before the motion the prosecutor contacted the Ticket Clinic to speak with the attorney. After pointing out the weaknesses in the State’s case the prosecutor agreed to reduce the charge to Reckless Driving. The client was given a withheld adjudication, a $750 fine, and a class. No conviction on his record, no probation, no interlock device on his car, no community service.