The defendant was followed by an Orange County Deputy who observed him weaving all over the road. The Deputy activated his lights to stop defendant, when he would not pull over, the deputy engaged his siren and it took client several blocks of slowly creeping along before he stopped his truck. The defendant couldn’t follow the directions of the deputy to turn off his engine, step out of the vehicle, and produce his driver’s license. The defendant smelled of alcohol, had a heavy sway while standing, and couldn’t complete the field sobriety exercises. He was placed under arrest and while being transported to the jail, urinated on himself and then refused to give a breath test. The defendant retained The Ticket Clinic to represent him because a DUI conviction would cost him his job at Disney. The firm filed a series of aggressive motions attacking the States case in chief, and the right the police had to arrest the defendant in the first place. The presiding judge agreed and ordered the total suppression of all evidence against our client. The State, having no evidence to go forward with, had no choice but to drop the charges against our client and he suffered no further consequences.