DUI & Criminal Division

A Martin County resident was involved in a serious crash when she drove her car underneath a tractor trailer. She received a serious head injury and had to be excavated from her car. A Florida Highway Patrol Trooper alleged that the defendant showed signs of impairment including a strong odor of alcohol and bloodshot eyes. At the hospital, the trooper requested the driver to provide a sample of her blood so that it could be analyzed for alcohol. The driver refused. The trooper eventually filed a warrant for her arrest charging her with DUI. Once hiring The Ticket Clinic, the Firm’s Treasure Coast Attorney, Stephen Smith, immediately demanded a speedy trial. In response, the Prosecutor scrambled to subpoena the client’s medical records from the hospital to gain evidence of her blood alcohol content. In response, counsel filed legal documents that sought to prevent the prosecutor from obtaining the medical records under the client’s right of privacy. The prosecutor was unable to obtain any evidence of the client’s blood alcohol content and therefore offered to amend the charge to reckless driving if the client agreed to resolve the case. The client refused the offer upon the advice of counsel. As predicted by counsel, on the day of the trial, the prosecutor Dismissed the DUI which completely Exonerated our client.