An off-duty Martin County Sheriff’s Deputy observed the defendant driving on Interstate 95 during Labor Day Weekend. The defendant was observed failing to maintain a single lane, driving completely off the roadway on three occasions and forcing other cars to take evasive actions to avoid being struck. An on-duty deputy responded and observed the defendant driving in a similar pattern. Upon being pulled over, deputies reported that the defendant smelled like alcohol, his eyes were bloodshot and glassy, his iris was the size of a pin head and he appeared “disordered.” The deputies requested that the defendant perform field sobriety exercises which they claimed he performed poorly. After being arrested for DUI the defendant blew a 0.056 and 0.058. A urine sample was obtained from and it was found that Methadone and Oxycodone were in his system. The Firm’s Treasure Coast Attorney immediately set the case for trial. The jury found the defendant Not Guilty of DUI.