DUI & Criminal Division

The Defendant was clocked going 53 in a 35 mile per hour zone. The officer turned on his lights and sirens and the vehicle did not slow down. The Defendant eventually stopped and her speech was slurred and her eyes were bloodshot and glassy. She also smelled like alcohol and stated she had been drinking beer on the beach all day. The Defendant had two 12 packs of bud light in the rear seat. A DUI unit showed up and the Defendant was eating corn chips upon his arrival. She performed poorly on roadsides and was taken back to the jail where she was asked to submit to a breath test and refused. She admitted to drinking 4 beers but could not remember when she had her last drink. When asked if she could feel the effects of the alcohol, she would not answer. The Firm contacted the State Attorney after reviewing all of the initial police reports. After vigorous negotiations, the Firm was able to convince the State to dismiss the charges for Driving Under the Influence.