The Defendant was toped going 63 in a 45 mph zone. The vehicle was driting within its lane and crossed the dotted white line to its right while negotiating a turn. The officer activated his lights and sirens and the vehicle continued several hundred feet before stopping. The Defendant appeared dazed and confused and his eyes were bloodshot and glassy. An obvious odor of alcohol was coming from him. His speech was slow and he did not believe that he was speeding. He slowly looked for his paperwork and then tried to open the door for no reason. When outside of the car, he was swaying noticeably forward and back. Initially, he denied drinking anything and then he said he had one. He performed poorly on roadsides and was arrested. When taken back to the jail, he submitted to a sample of his breath which yielded results under a .08. He then consented to a urine. The Defendant hired The Ticket Clinic and after a full review of the case, the State agreed to no file the charges for Driving Under the Influence.