DUI & Criminal Division

Our client was charged for a misdemeanor of leaving the scene of an accident. Florida Highway Patrol alleged that our client sideswiped another car on Interstate 95 and then left the scene of the crash. After our Treasure Coast Attorney met with the client, it became clear that our client’s actions were reasonable and appropriate for the situation. It was found that after the cars sideswiped each other, our client immediately exited the highway to find a safe location to exchange information with the other driver. However, the other driver continued driving on the highway and failed to exit. Our client drove home and contacted the police to report the crash. Our client satisfied the actions a person is required to do under Florida Law. It appeared there was a misunderstanding between the two drivers on where they should safely pull over. The trooper used poor discretion to charge our client when our client had no intent to avoid responsibility. Based on this legal analysis, our firm’s attorney convinced the prosecution to drop all criminal charges.