DUI & Criminal Division

A dispatch went out advising that someone was “all over the roadway” and described the car. An officer located the vehicle and the Defendant was passed out behind the wheel. The driver woke up and then continued to drive. The officer stopped the defendant and noticed significant signs of impairment. A DUI officer arrived and noticed red glassy eyes, slow dexterity and slow comprehension. His pupils were constricted and he performed poorly on roadside tasks. He said he did not take any illegal substances and had not taken any medications. He had hydromorphone, alprazolam and bottles in his possession and agreed to give a urine sample at the jail. He tested positive for numerous controlled substances as well as cocaine. The Firm was able to negotiate a deal with the State Attorney’s Office whereby the DUI charges were dismissed. The Judge, in the middle of the plea, left the bench but after much thought, agreed to accept this agreement.