The Defendant was traveling towards Flagler Avenue in Downtown West Palm Beach at a high rate of speed. The officer finally caught up to the Defendant’s vehicle and continually veered to the right crossing the broken white lines. After being clocked going 45 in a 30 mph zone, the defendant continued to weave and nearly collided into a concrete island before stopping for the officer. The Defendant smelled like alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot and glassy. The Defendant stated he didn’t know where he was going because of the downtown construction. There was an open and half full 12 oz can of Coors Light in the driver’s side door and an open 12 pack of Bud Light behind the drivers seat that was half empty. During the walk and turn exercise, the Defendant took 10 steps up and turned around and asked what to do next because he had forgotten the instructions. He then could not keep his leg up for 30 seconds and performed poorly on the remaining exercises. After being arrested, the Defendant refused to give a sample of his breath when asked by the Officer. The Firm pointed out numerous inconsistencies in the reports after the videos were reviewed to the State Attorneys Office. The State of Florida agreed to dismiss the charge for Driving Under the Influence.