The Defendant was stopped at a red light in the turn lane on Indiantown Road in Jupiter. The back of the Defendant’s tires were in the middle of the crosswalk. The officer drove up next to the vehicle and when the light turned green, the Defendant almost hit the police cruiser. The officer had to brake to avoid a collision. The Defendant continued driving while drifting several times over the white solid line and correcting back and forth. Additionally, the vehicle made a wide turn and continued to drift over the double solid yellow lines on the next street. After being stopped, the officer noticed the Defendant had glassy/bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, an odor of alcohol coming from him, was hard to understand and slow to answer routine questions. He continually asked the same questions and when he got out of his car, stumbled forward and then regained his balance. He was sweating and had extreme mood swings. When asked for his license, he provided his insurance to the officer. He said he was coming from Corners Bar and drank two vodka sodas. He also said he swerved because he was texting his girlfriend, but on the way to the jail, he said his cell phone was dead. He performed poorly on roadsides and was arrested. On the way to the Jail, he told the officer “Karma is a b$%ch”. He was asked to submit to a breath and he refused. The Firm ordered the roadside video and video from the jail and was prepared to file numerous legal motions citing binding case law in the 4th District as well as “egregious inconsistencies” in the police report with regard to the video. The State Attorney’s office, after discussing these issues with defense counsel for the Ticket Clinic, agreed to dismiss the charges for Driving Under the Influence.