The Defendant ran a stop sign in the presence of an officer. The officer initiated his lights and sirens and the defendant continued at a high rate of speed blowing through additional stop signs until he pulled up to his house. The officer jumped out of the car and ordered the defendant onto the ground. He was immediately arrested for fleeing and eluding an officer. The Defendant smelled like alcohol and a DUI unit arrived on scene. That officer asked the Defendant if he had anything to drink and he stated “I can’t get in trouble, I want to apologize, can I speak with all of you?” His eyes were glassy and bloodshot and his speech was slurred. The Defendant was asked to perform roadside exercises and he refused. After being taken to the jail he was placed on camera where he was seen wearing only jeans and no shirt. He was asked to submit to a sample of his breath and he refused. The Firm spoke to the State Attorney’s office pre-filing to inform them of numerous problems with the case involving officer conduct. The State of Florida agreed and declined to file charges for Driving Under the Influence.