The Defendant was stopped for driving without her headlights and running a stop sign at night. She smelled like alcohol and had slurred speech and bloodshot, glassy eyes. It was raining very hard and the Defendant stated she had about 3 beers. She was asked to exit her car and was wearing a Halloween costume and admitted to being at karaoke night. She did not want to do the roadsides in a dry area, but rather she said she would do them in the rain. She swayed while exiting her vehicle and performed poorly on roadsides. After being arrested, she refused to submit to a sample of her breath after about 10 minutes of trying to decide. The Firm filed a motion to suppress arguing that there was no probable cause for the arrest. Additionally, the Firm pointed out to the State Attorney that the stopping officer passed off the investigation to a backup officer because it would have been arrest number 100 for the year. The State of Florida decided to drop the charges for driving under the influence after this was all brought to their attention.