The Defendant had contact with a confidential informant and set up a deal for Oxycodone pills to be purchased for $15 dollars per pill. The deal was set for 40 pills to be purchased at that price. Additional defendants then met to finalize the deal and made the transfer. Undercover officers were monitoring the exchange and moved in to make multiple arrests. The pills were taken into evidence and weighed a total of 4.0 grams. The Defendant was charged with Conspiracy to Traffic Oxycodone and faced a minimum mandatory 3 years in Florida State Prison and a maximum of 30 years. The Firm pointed out to the State Attorneys Office that three pills had gone missing and the weight of the pills were called into question to get to the trafficking limit. Additionally, the confidential informant would have had to be disclosed to prove the charges against the client. The State Attorneys Office agreed and dismissed the charges.