The Defendant was passed out at the wheel. His head was on the window and his foot was on the brake. The officer was banging on the window and then started rocking the car back and forth. When the defendant finally woke up he just stared at the officer confused and was told to put the car in park. The vehicle began to pull away and the officer started running next to the car yelling at him to stop. The car rolled into the intersection with a red light. The driver stopped and eventually opened the door where the officer immediately put the vehicle in park and turned it off. There was a 12 oz bottle of Bud Light in the center console. The defendant had an odor of alcohol coming from him, his eyes were bloodshot and glassy and he was unsteady on his feet. His speech was slurred and he performed poorly on roadsides. When taken to jail, he gave two samples of his breath which yielded results of .156 and .151. He was questioned and admitted that he could feel the effects of the alcohol he had consumed. The Firm negotiated with the State Attorney’s Office and was able to convince them and the Judge that the charges for Driving Under the Influence should be dismissed.