DUI & Criminal Division

The Defendant was driving in Juno Beach when an officer noticed her following another vehicle to closely, traveling under the speed limit and weaving into the fog lane. After conducting a traffic stop, the officer noticed an odor of alcohol, bloodshot eyes and she admitted to drinking. A DUI officer arrived and noticed the same observations along with slurred speech. The Defendant had difficulty maintaining her balance and focusing on conversations. She performed poorly on roadsides and could not even get through the English alphabet. She was arrested and taken back to the jail where she submitted to a breath sample of a .124 and .116. The firm ordered and reviewed the roadside video and video from the breath facility. The Firm noticed that the stopping officer clearly made statements in his report that were inconsistent with the video. After filing a motion to suppress arguing that our client was stopped illegally, the State of Florida agreed to dismiss the charges for Driving Under the Influence.