The Defendant ran a red light and then took a longer than usual to pull over. The driver had bloodshot eyes that were pinpointed. She was unable to focus on simple tasks and fumbled over copies of her registration and insurance. She continued to state that her husband works for North Palm and that she was not drunk. She began shaking during roadsides and admitted to taking seven different kinds of drugs. She could not balance properly on 2 of the roadsides and performed poorly according to the officer. She was arrested and asked for a breath and a urine sample. She refused a urine sample but gave a breath sample of .000. The State of Florida filed felony charges due to the Defendan’t prior convictions. However, the attorney for The Ticket Clinic emailed the State Attorney and had numerous phone conferences regarding the legal problems with the case. The Firm was prepared to file motions to dismiss and suppress for an illegal arrest. The State of Florida agreed that there was no probable cause for the arrest and dismissed the charges for Driving Under the Influence.