Dispatch for FHP was advised to be on the lookout for a truck that was all over the road on I-95. A trooper located the vehicle and witnessed the vehicle driving erratically. After activating his emergency lights, the vehicle pulled onto the sidewalk. The driver immediately said he was going to his girlfriend who is a doctor. He then stated he has been pulled over multiple times for failing to maintain a lane. He did not know what road he was on and denied taking any medications. His speech was slurred and mumbled and his eyes were red/glassy and droopy. When asked out of the vehicle, his jeans were wet and his zipper was down. He agreed to perform roadside exercises. During the walk and turn, instead of taking nine steps up and back, he took 22 steps up and 20 back. He then stated he was ex-military and DEA. He performed poorly on the remaining exercises and could not even get through the alphabet. After being arrested, he admitted to taking several medications, some of which were controlled substances. He blew.000 and submitted to a urine sample. The Firm vigorously and proactively contacted the filing division with the State Attorney’s Office to provide them with numerous medical records and information from our client’s doctors. After months of negotiations, the State of Florida agreed to dismiss the charges for Driving Under the Influence.