The Defendant was traveling westbound on Forest Hill Boulevard when an officer observed him swerve into the middle lane several times. The Defendant then made a U-Turn and almost caused a crash. After being stopped, the Defendant had an odor of alcohol coming from his breath, glassy and bloodshot eyes and was disoriented. He said he drank 3-4 beers. The Defendant did not seem to understand how to perform roadside exercises while being instructed and was arrested for DUI. At the breath facility, the Defendant was asked to submit to a breath sample where he refused. The Defense took depositions of the stopping officer and the arresting officer. After the depositions were taken, the State of Florida initially offered the Defendant a Reckless Driving reduction in exchange for a plea of guilty. The Firm rejected the plea offer and set the case for trial. Prior to the trial date, the State of Florida dismissed all criminal charges against the defendant.