The defefdant was driving her husband home from a civic event after he had too much to drink. She was pulled over for allegedly driving too slow and cutting off other traffic. The officer alleged our client had blood shot eyes, had a strong odor of alcohol, her clothing was disarrayed, she had trouble finding her license, she admitted to having a few drinks and she stated her husband wasn’t driving because “he is drunker than I am.” The officer further alleged our client performed poorly during the road side exercises and found an open container of alcohol next to our client in the car. Our client’s husband was arrested on scene for allegedly interfering with the DUI investigation when he continuously banged on the window from inside the car. Our client refused to submit to a breath test. The Firm’s Treasure Coast Attorney took the case to trial and was able to persuade the jury to find our client NOT GUILTY. The attorney revealed there was a video made on scene but it was not produced at trial. Furthermore he argued the arresting officer was unfair and biased in his evaluation of the road side exercises. On a side note, a juror was dismissed by the judge during the trial for allegedly evidencing partiality in favor of defense counsel after he asked defense counsel for his business card during a lunch break.