The Defendant was parked at a closed business around 3 a.m. when she was ordered to shut her car off. She was in the driver’s seat of the car with the engine running. She spontaneously stated, “I am drunk, that is why I pulled over. I had too much to drink.” She smelled like alcohol, had red/glossy eyes and slurred speech. She performed poorly on roadsides and constantly laughed and said she was drunk and she could not do them. She then was taken back to the jail where she admitted to drinking Vodka and 5-6 drinks. She also gave a breath sample of .143 and .135. The State Attorney’s office initially offered a Reckless Driving reduction, but the Firm sent the State Attorney’s Office legal case law indicating that the client’s 4th amendment rights were violated and that they could not pursue any charges. The State reviewed the case law sent over by the firm and decided not to file any criminal charges against the Defendant.