On February 26, 2014 at approximately 2 am, a Pinellas County Deputy conducted a traffic stop due to several BOLOs of a vehicle harassing and yelling at pedestrians. After the stop, the Deputy noticed a passenger in the front seat and 3 children in the back seat. The three children were determined to be runaways. All three children were released to their legal guardians at the scene. The Driver was then placed under arrest and charged with three counts of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor. During the course of the arrest, a distinct odor of an alcoholic beverage was noticed on the breath of the driver of the vehicle. His eyes were also glassy. The driver agreed to perform field sobriety exercises. During those exercises, the driver exhibited clues of impairment. The driver admitted post-Miranda warnings that he had consumed one 12 ounce beer at around 11pm. The driver was taken into custody and also charged with DUI. The driver was transported to Central Breath Testing where he submitted to a breath test. The results of the tests were .058 and .065. The Defendant also submitted to a urine test based on his level of impairment and low breath test results. Results: All criminal charges were dropped by the State Attorney’s Office.