The defendant was charged with maintaining a vehicle for drug use. The defendant\’s vehicle was stopped for having a cracked windshield in the middle of his field of vision. During the stop the officer asked for permission to search the vehicle, which the officer alleged was given. While searching the vehicle it was discovered that the passenger’s jacket contained methamphetamine and over $5,000.00 in cash. In addition, the officers discovered many tiny statues and items relating to “Santisima Muerte” commonly referred to as “The Death Saint”. The police were alleging that the defendant was maintaining his vehicle for selling drugs because they found drugs on a person in the car, significant amounts of cash, and that “The Death Saint” is known as the drug dealer’s saint. After we researched the issue and spoke with the State Attorney, the State Attorney agreed that the evidence in the case was not enough to continue with a case against the client for maintaining the vehicle for drug use and dismissed the case.